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Day in the City.


We are going to be having a day in the City this Saturday!

Date and Time:
Saturday, December 9
Leave DG Main Station on 9:40am (1326 train)
Return at 3:25 pm (1311 train) (depart Union Station at 2:40pm)
Cost of Event: 
- $8 cost of round trip Saturday ticket + Lunch
- Students MUST be with me on platform with ticket in hand (or cash to
  buy on train) at 9:30am - NO EXCEPTIONS
- Ice Skating may be an option, and if they wish to partake they must
   either rent skates or bring their own.
Additional Info: 
Downtown/Outlying Stations — All Metra ticket types can be purchased at downtown stations, or at outlying stations where a ticket agent is on duty. Credit and debit cards accepted.
On the Train — A One-Way cash fare can be purchased on the train from the conductor. However, if an agent is on duty at the station where you boarded, the conductor will charge a surcharge for cash fares purchased on the train.
Students are trusted to conduct themselves with integrity and be in groups of at least 3.  We generally stay together as a group, but some like to head over to indoor shopping while others are skating.  We also ask that they have their cell phone charged and will have the numbers of leaders.
Please dress appropriately for the weather (hats, warm shoes/boots, etc).
Please let me know if you have any questions. Email Christian Abbott at
 to confirm if your student is going.