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What is Crave?

What is Crave?

The FBC Student Ministries (also known as CRAVE) exists to equip, engage, and empower students to impact lives locally as we seek to fulfill our global mission.

Crave is a fun and loving environment where people can come and learn about who God is and what He has done for us.  We are rooted in scripture and use scripture as the biblical model of how we should be training and equipping our students. Jesus’ life and ministry was built on relationships and being intentional with those relationships to build into his followers lives to instruct them on biblical principles.

Our weekly program is split into two evenings. On Sundays from 6:00 - 8:00 PM we have our Sr. High Youth Group. On Wednesdays from 6:30 - 8:30 we have our Jr. High Youth Group Night.


What to Expect?
When you come to Crave expect a fun and loving environment where students learn, grow, and are challenged spiritually.

Sr High Night Jr. High Night
6:00 - 6:30   Game Time 6:30 - 6:50   Food and Fellowship
6:30 - 6:50   Food and Fellowship 6:50 - 7:00   Worship
6:50 - 7:00   Worship  7:00 - 7:30   Lesson
7:00 - 7:30   Lesson 7:30 - 8:00   Small Groups
7:30 - 8:00   Small Groups 8:00 - 8:30   Game Time!



We love doing fun stuff! Each month we do an event that revolves around one of three purposes.

1. Service

2. Fellowship

3. Spiritual Enrichment

Our goal is that youth group and our events help to engage, equip, and empower your students to follow Christ. 


If you have any questions please email Pastor Jens Nelson at: