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What is FBC Kids?

First Baptist Church Children's Ministries exists to make disciples who know, grow, and show the living God. Everything we do at First Baptist Church exists to help children accomplish 3 things:


We want kids to know God. This means every Sunday and Wednesday we are focused on them knowing more about God, who he is, and what he's done. 


We want kids to grow in their relationship with God and others. The Christian life is one of growing closer to God and being made more like His Son. It is important that what we teach and focus on helps a child grow their relationship with God and others.


We also want kids to show that relationship to others!! As kids grow in their relationship with God and learn more about him, we want them to evangelize. This means showing others, through word and deed, the amazing work that God has done through them!


What to Expect: 

When you come on a Sunday morning we have two amazing programs.

Sunday School:

Sunday School focuses on building relationships with kids and teaching them the truths of God's Word.

Children's Church:

Children's Church is an amazing program that reinforces / builds upon Sunday School. While Adults are in Worship the children have their own lesson that is developmentally aware and age-appropriate. 


What to Bring?
Yourself and a Bible. We look forward to seeing you there!!