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Summer Electives

Our Summer Electives have just begun! Check out the different classes we have to offer On Sunday Mornings at 9am.


The Bible.  God’s Word. Scripture.We all have one or two or five. But what is the Bible?  Where did it come from? We are familiar with the Bible story, but what is the story of the Bible? 

This summer we will be answering that question and many others. Topics we will cover include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Where did the Bible come from? (2) How was the Bible created? (3) Who chose the books that are in the Bible? (4) How was the Bible translated? (5) How was the Bible transmitted? (5) How has the Bible transformed over the centuries? (6) What are the differences among all of the versions? (7) What is the best version? 

Join us this summer-–and bring your Bible!

Even though the Great Commission tells us to evangelize, we don’t. This class will teach you how to start a spiritual conversation and what the goal of that conversation should be. You will be prepared for specific
situations that come up all the time. Come and learn how to engage the culture.

Come join us in this great book study, as we look at how life might be different when we seek out Joy!