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Foreign Missions

First Baptist Church financially supports 16 international teams located in 15 different countries. These teams are engaged in various activities that all have the same common theme:  sharing the love of Jesus Christ to the citizens of their country. The First Baptist Church Mission Committee is aware of the costs these teams have related to housing, transportation, schooling, caring for their own children and obtaining various materials they need to facilitate their mission. The committee keep in regularly contact with these teams to make sure they are kept aware of their needs, prayer requests, accomplishments and how they and their families are doing. Many of these teams face persecution every day from people and governments. But their faith in God keeps them going in the face of these types of encounters.

Foreign Based Organizations:

Baptist Haiti Mission (BHM) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The BHM staff and volunteers are diverse in culture and background. Their team is united by a single goal: a desire to reflect the love of Jesus Christ and support the growth of the church in Haiti. Their programs are designed to meet the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of vulnerable people, so they can live healthy, prosperous lives according to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Visit their website www.bhm.org for more detailed information.

Kids Alive International in the Dominican Republic and Haiti: for 100 years, Kids Alive has rescued orphans and other vulnerable and forgotten children in 15 countries around the world. Through the blessing of child sponsorship, these kids receive loving, holistic care and a quality education, helping break the bondage of hunger, abuse, and exploitation. Best of all, they have the opportunity to know and trust Jesus Christ and follow Him. Visit their website www.kidsalive.org for more detailed information.

R.J Pleva

R.J. Pleva serves with Kids Alive International (KAI) who operate several orphanages and other ministries at various locations in the Dominican Republic (DR). The DR is home to some of the poorest children and families in the Western Hemisphere. Hundreds of thousands of children are desperately in need of care and, without intervention, are destined to repeat the cycle of poverty. KAI intervenes with tangible hope include providing children with safe shelter, nutritious meals, medicine, and education through residential homes and care centers. R.J. ministers at the Ark Constanza Children’s Home where more than 40 children are cared for with the love of Christ in four brightly-colored houses. The children who live here were either orphaned or abandoned and desperately needed a safe place to live. Each home has house parents who are committed to caring for the needs of these children every moment of every day.

Pangasinan Bible Mission in conjunction with Commissioned Ministers Network headquartered in Kerrville, Texas and serving in the Philippines. The Pangasinan Bible Mission uses Bible teaching and reproducing churches to plant a church in every town and city of the province of Pangasinan. They see this mission being accomplished as godly men, who are recognized by their service in the local church, are trained for ministry and sent out by the local church with the goal of planting a Bible teaching church. Visit their website http://pangasinanbiblemission.org for more detailed information.

Foreign Based Missionaries:

Dan & Laurie Anderson with Hope Bible Mission in Guatemala: Hope is a Christian, non-denominational, and non-profit organization working to train leaders in Guatemala and Spain. They do this by building long-term partnerships with local churches and organizations in order to grow community leaders and develop resources for the future. Ultimately, their goal is to help their partnering organizations achieve self-sufficiency. Their faith and practice are based on the principles of God’s Word, the Bible.

Nathan & Vera Beck with Greater Europe Mission (GEM) in the Czech Republic

Greg & Debbie Nichols and family with GEM in the Czech Republic

Stephen & Debbie Coney and family with GEM in Croatia

Gary & Kate DeGraff and family with GEM in France:
Europe is unreached and so post-Christian that it’s pre-Christian. Europe knows religion, but less than 2% claim to know Jesus personally. Past, present, and future, Europe influences the world's economics, education, politics, philosophies and culture. Through immigration, hundreds of distinct cultures live and exist in Europe, many representing unreached people groups.

Dan Belue* with Back2Back Ministries in India. Back2Back serves as a bridge between people in need and people with resources. This is accomplished through partnerships and short-term mission trips. Back2Back invests in the future of each child by meeting their spiritual, physical, emotional, educational and social needs through a unique 5-point Child Development Plan so that they can become self-sustaining individuals who give back to their community. Their goal is that each orphan they serve would experience restoration. This is accomplished in part through their ministry teams and partners, who visit year-round and help provide basic necessities.

Leon & Cheryl Hill and family with WorldVenture in Japan

Marilee Morden with WorldVenture in Brazil:
WorldVenture finds, trains, sends, and supports catalysts who are filled with the Spirit and called to the unengaged, unreached, unchurched, and unwanted (marginalized) of the world. They focus on those places where they can create the most change for the Gospel. As the local church expands through committed disciples, it greatly influences its surrounding community. They want these Gospel movements to span all aspects of a society through the arts, media, education, church outreach, family and medicine, science and agriculture, business, and government. 

Jeff & Michelle McQueary and family* with International Teams in Costa Rica: their vision is to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God. All their efforts align with this statement. They care about each and every person and the communities where they live and work. They care so much that they’re not alright with the status quo. Neither is Jesus. Only he can create the kind of transformation that will change the future for people in these communities.

Scott & Lorna Muha and family working with TEAM in Spain: TEAM’s purpose is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches among the nations to the glory of God. They seek to do this wherever the most people have the greatest need in collaboration with churches anywhere. TEAM workers partner with local congregations, Christian groups, and national leaders whenever possible.

Laura Shannon* with Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (EFCCM) in Japan: Their vision is to become a growing network of believers and churches empowered to carry out The Great Commandment and Great Commission. They exist to help lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. They accomplish this by prayer, gospel led servant leadership, creativity & diversity and the Word.

Andy & Nadine Spradley with SEND International in Macedonia: SEND is an interdenominational, multinational Christian mission organization with over 500 missionaries in more than 20 areas of Asia, Europe, Eurasia and North America. Their mission is to mobilize God’s people and engage the unreached in order to establish reproducing churches. Their focus is to reach the unreached and make disciples who will themselves become disciple makers.

Mark & Mary Swinerton with CRU in Australia: With Australia being a secular state with freedom of religion, the church in Australia faces the challenge of remaining relevant in a quickly changing culture. While over 2/3 of Australians identify themselves in some way as Christian, only 10% regularly attend church, and increasing numbers have negative attitudes toward the Church's perceived intolerance and authoritarianism.

More information on the mission teams we support can be found right inside our front entry along the east wall of the foyer. Please don't hesitate if you are interested in working with missions committee.