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Mission Trips

Short Term Mission Trips


Each year our church family sends out short term mission teams to three different locations. Below is a short synopsis of each location. It should be noted that trips to other locations throughout the world where we support other missionaries may be possible in the future.

Dominican Republic

This mission trip typically occurs in January. A team of 6-12 people make this trip and work with the Kids Alive International (KAI) who operate several orphanages and other ministries at various locations in the Dominican Republic (DR). Typical activities include construction of various structures, working with the children and youth that are housed at these locations and helping the KAI leaders with whatever projects they have going. All in all, this trip is a very rewarding experience.


This mission trip typically occurs anytime from mid-February to mid-March. A team of 6-12 people make this trip to also work with the KAI leadership team living in Haiti. KAI considers Haiti one of their top three locations needing the most support. Major construction projects are ongoing including a new school building, more residential units for the children and various other structures needed inside the compound. Again, this trip is very rewarding and offers a wide variety of opportunities to serve while there.


This mission trip usually occurs sometime between late February and early April. A team of around 6 make this trip each year helping with a bible school for new pastors, evangelizing in the barrios, help with planting new churches in the countryside and helping with whatever projects the school may be involved in. In the past this team has supplied medical services, medicines and other items that are hard to come by in the local areas surrounding the local churches.